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DJ Michael A.

I personally have been involved in the music business for over 30 years. As a kid growing up in New Jersey, I always wanted to be in the music business and always believed someday I would. My love for music has created various opportunities in the music field which includes but is not limited to singing in local bands, designing and installing sound systems, as well as working as a DJ.

M.A.A.ís Entertainment was "founded" in October 2000, after an incident at a local tavern where I use to sing on Saturday night. The owner had asked me to run karaoke for him; the problem was that the equipment he was renting was, ďhorrendous."   After convincing him to purchase the proper equipment, with my design, we installed one of the best sound systems in Union County.   Since then M.A.A.ís Entertainment has enlisted the help of a few DJs with various styles in music.

KJ the DJ

Hi there!  My name is Kimberly J. Avallone, better known as KJ the DJ (itís a long story).  Iím from Elizabeth, NJ and was kind of thrown into being a DJ. I got into spinning one night because the boss, my husband (Mike) was sick as a dog and had nobody to cover for him. After having a few people help me set-up, before I knew it, I was spinning. I must say at first I was a little nervous to say the least, but after a couple of calls to Mike, and a couple of shows later I got the hang of it... and the rest is history. My specialties are metal, dance, pop and country but not necessarily in that order.

Magic Dude Mario

My name is MagicDudeMario (Mario Lappino), and although Iíve been around the music and karaoke scene for as long as I can remember, my true passion is entertaining people with comedy, magic & ventriloquism. Iíve known DJ Michael A for approximately 15 years and due to a common bond, Mike asked me if I would be interested in DJíing/KJíing again. After a couple of weeks of training on his digital systems, Iíve come to realize that entertainment is my passion and I could never be happier. Mike says ďIím stuck in the past when it comes to musicĒ. My music tastes are the 50ís, 60ís & 70ís but I like a lot of the new stuff, I just canít keep up with who is who.

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Mario 2 Mario at Connie's

DJ Lou K.

My name is Lou Khichi, aka Lou K.  I'm also known as "Cool Hand Lou". None of it matters as long as everybody is having a good time!  I have a wide range of musical influences but the first record I bought (Guns Ní Roses Ė "Appetite for Destruction") was probably the one that laid down the foundation for my rock ní roll lifestyle.  I personally listen to the stuff that either makes you bang your head or shake your butt.  I met a girl once who put a sour taste in my mouth for country, but I do have my moments if itís the upbeat newer stuff.  Grunge, alternative, hip-hop and dance and all the old stuff is great but rock is where itís at!

DJ Chucky K.

Whatís up!  My name is Chuck Kuzma (aka: DJ Chucky K. aka: DJ Special K). If you were to talk to me you might think Iím from the South, but nope, Iím a Jersey boy. Hereís how I got started with M.A.A.ís Entertainment.  I stopped in the bar where I worked during karaoke one night and sang a couple of songs.  I then met the boss (DJ Michael A) and I began talking about spinning. Being a former DJ for another company at one time, he asked me if Iíd be interested and obviously I said sure. As we say ďthe rest is historyĒ! There are no limits to the types of music I like or play, however, my favorite is country.